Lucky the sheep


Help this adorable little sheep gallop about your farm


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Lucky is a lovely sheep who has escaped from the farm where he lives, but his intention is not to flee, but to run free on the slopes and hills where his house is. Lucky the Sheep is an adventure for children where they test their ability to circumvent all the obstacles to cross their path.

In this game the important thing is to feed little sheep with traditional food from the farm. But you'll also need to start collecting all the plant to be harvested near your stable. To eat properly, jump on the vegetables and tap onscreen. A long press gets you jumping even higher.

Obstacles you face in Lucky the Sheep are a bit off-the-walls, and include among them: animals to avoid; as well as dispersing herds of cattle. Not to mention the cacti that prick you whenever you touch them or ropes that trap you when you try to cross. Either way, dodging them is as easy as jumping over anything you find. Calculate your jumps very carefully. More often than not you'll need to execute minutely timed double jumps, but if you take too long you won't be able to avoid other secondary dangers.

Make Lucky Sheep happy and take her to the last corner of the farm where she lives getting fed on the best possible hay. Jump bounds and leaps through the hills and over ponds to collect as high a score as possible. Get first place in the official scoreboard for Lucky the Sheep to prove your skills at avoiding obstacles.